• Guide: How to Write Your Marketing Plan

    Have you just started an online business? Do you know what a marketing plan is? Look – you can’t go blindly into this thing; there are several key steps that you need to follow before venturing into an online business and writing down a marketing plan is one of them.

    Why is it important, you’d ask? Firstly, it helps in many aspects of your business and keeps your priorities straight. It will not only help you place and promote your product or service in the marketplace but it will also ensure that you achieve every strived goal and hit the right targets.

    Of course, not everything will be handed to you on a plate; you would have to do your share of research, invest time and be committed to this task. In the end, writing a marketing plan will be rewarding, teach you valuable lessons and contribute significantly to your success.

    Importance of a Marketing Plan

    • Writing a marketing plan will give you a chance to not just identify your targeted audience but it will also help you understand your product and service so that you will be able to meet your needs.
    • It will help you figure out who your competitor is and aid you in recognizing their strengths and weaknesses.
    • By writing a marketing plan, you’ll be able to position your brand and products strongly in front of your competitors.
    • It will help you set specific goals that you’ll also be able to measure and compare.
    • And lastly, you will be able to map out a strategy that will help you reach your targeted audience in a much effective way, with stronger and more appealing messages and tools for conversions.
    If you wish to write a marketing plan for your next business endeavour, make sure that you follow the following steps.

    Study the Industry Structure

    Figure out how your industry works; this includes associations, statistics and career benchmarks. It is vital to understand how your industry operates with other industries, its affiliates, etc.

    You can start by asking the following questions: Is there potential? Is the industry comparatively large? Are there any factors that might influence the nature of this industry you operate in? What about its position overseas? Do you think it helps in making large profits? Who are the leading champions in this industry? What about the size of the market shares that these big names hold?

    Conduct Market Research

    Like we said earlier, it’s crucial to conduct market research. You need to collect and organize information related to your target market. It’s absolutely critical that you identify consumer needs and understand where exactly your business fit in the picture.

    As a businessperson, you need to work out how to fit your product into the market; where should you position your product or service?

    You may start with simple questions. Do you know who your targeted audience is? Do you know their personality and needs? Can your product help them? Can your product help them better than the product your competitors are selling?

    Define Customer Profiles

    After conducting thorough research, you would have a proper customer profile in your mind. This is a significant piece of information as you’d know who exactly you’re catering to. In order to establish your market, you need to determine the needs of your customers.

    Like, if you’re selling a shampoo, do your customers have trouble with dandruff or do they have a problem with frizzy hair? Depending on their problem, you’ll figure out their needs and how to meet them.

    Think of it this way: your potential customer needs to have a gender, age, preference, income, family size, location, and dislikes. Now tailor your marketing plan accordingly.

    Conduct a SWOT analysis

    Now you have to understand your own product. By applying SWOT analysis, you’ll be better equipped to understand your weaknesses and strengths. You will analyze the product or service objectively so that your business could improve.

    Furthermore, this step will also allow you to identify your opportunities and threats. You can’t go blind because it will impact your business. And also, it’s significant that you identify your strengths as they’ll open up more venues and success for you.

    Study the Competition

    Your threats are external and internal, and they are direct and indirect. There will be businesses out there who sell the same product as you and some who sell products that are going to be substituted for your product. You also need to be aware of your benefits and those provided by the competition.
    Once you’ve established that, you’ll be able to determine how to beat them. Thus, figure out how your competitors compete in the market, how they interact with their customers, and how they sell their products.

    Set Your Objectives

    Of course, you will be clueless and lose track of goals if you don’t set business objectives. Decide your long-term plans and goals along with short-term goals and plans. This is the only way you can expand your business and make it profitable.

    Outline Your Marketing Strategies

    Now that you know who your competition, potential customers are and what their needs are, it’s time for you to outline your marketing strategies. Think of all the goals – long-term and short-term – and put your ideas on paper.

    Make sure that your strategy is aligned with your goals and values, they should also meet the needs and wants of your customers, and they should also help you beat your competition.

    Set Your Marketing Budget

    Of course, everything will go in the trash if you don’t establish a marketing budget for your product. You have to calculate all the money that is needed to run the campaign and meet advertising objectives. Be aware – promotions are expensive and so you have to make every move smartly.

    Hope you now understand how to write a marketing plan. Now, if ever there’s a service, like professional assignment help, or even a product, you won’t have a problem marketing it to potential customers.

  • The Major Leadership Theories of Leadership

    Thousands of researches have been conducted on leadership as their results are implemented in organizational setups regularly. When students are studying Group Dynamics, they study this topic comprehensively. It is observed that many theories are similar in content because of which they get confused. Due to this reason, they often acquire cheap assignment writing service from an authentic service.

    To give clarity on different leadership theories, below is a basic outline of major leadership theory.

    Great Man Theories

    There’s a school of thought that claims that all leaders are born. This idea certifies that leaders are simply born with inherent charisma, confidence, charm, and intelligence. Hence, in a way, this notion asserts that leaders cannot be made so if you thought that you could work on your social skills and enhance intelligence to become a great leader, then you can’t. This theory is, in fact, against the idea of cultivation.

    According to this point of view, you are born with certain characteristics that are visible in every great leader. You can refine them, but you can’t properly cultivate them from scratch. Great Man theory can also be somewhat sexist in nature because it usually implies that men turn out to be great leader as they are born with these characteristics. For example, leadership in the military is primarily a male specified job. Any person with a wider perspective and basic knowledge about the world would know that this is wrong. Women are as capable as men and they too can lead with integrity and charm.

    This point can be combated with one word: nurturance. Women are inherently nurturing and that is an essential trait demanded from a leader. When you compare the pros and cons of nurturance and the ability lacking in men, it clearly hints that women make better leaders – proving Great Man Theory to be faulty.

    Trait Theories

    Trait theory walks on the land Great Man theories built. Basically, it derives from the idea that great leaders are born. However, it sticks with simply the idea that certain traits are present in people that make them better in leadership positions. It doesn’t speak much about the fact that you can’t cultivate or transform into a better leader by incorporating those abilities and traits.

    Hence, if you’re confident, intelligent, and good with decision making, you’d make a great leader. Other traits that are highly appreciated in leaders is honesty, vulnerability, active listening, and assertiveness. However, this is also a flaw as trait theory doesn’t give a conclusive list of traits that can be found in good leaders. But you can say that this research is credible as results have approved certain personality traits to be associated with good leadership.

    Contingency Theories

    This theory provokes that no one way is the correct way to deal with every situation. As a leader, you have to make certain decisions that may not appeal in other situations. Hence, the ability to see the entire picture and understand the value of every variable in place is essential. Not all situations are the same and if a person in power looks at everything in black and white, then they may not work well as leaders.

    So, according to this theory, all great leaders have the ability to understand the needs of the followers. They can assess the situation and take necessary actions, even if they don’t match with the primary values and goals.

    Situational Theories

    Situational leadership theory is similar to Contingency theory. Again, the different variables present in a situation are given the prime importance. This theory actually demands different styles of leadership and the best one is able to adjust in several unique types of environments. Sometimes leniency is required and sometimes authoritarian style is imperative – and they work well in every situation.

    Another critical characteristic of this style is the decision making ability. The person in leadership should be sharp and have an objective perspective on things. An open mind is needed, otherwise you can’t make successful decisions.

    Behavioral Theories

    In behavioral theories, the emphasis is given to actions instead of traits and qualities. According to this theory, what you do when you’re put in a difficult situation is important. Hence, you can say that this theory is the opposite of the Great Man Theory or Trait theory because it claims that you can cultivate or acquire certain skills and traits when you’re put into the environment. You act according to the situation. Therefore, anybody has the potential to be a great leader as per the Behavioural theory.

    Participative Theories

    In participative theory, the leader takes the contribution of other team members into account. Therefore, they would actually encourage the followers and team members to be active and give valuable input. This gives the impression that the leader would have no problem and they wouldn’t assert their power onto everyone just to prove who the boss is. They’re comfortable in their skin and don’t mind when someone else gives a better solution than them.

    Management Theories

    According to management theories, leadership is constituted of rewards and punishments. The rules are simple, the manager or the person in power will reward the subordinate if they do well in the task and they will punish the subordinate if the performance is below expectations. This specific theory works tremendously in the world of business because that’s where things are mostly short term and immediate. In other domains, things take time and are strategic so no immediate response is ever mandated.

    Relationship Theories

    Relationship theory is also known as transformation leadership. In this form of leadership, the followers and leaders are working with a common goal in mind and the goal is given priority and it determines the form of relationship between the two. This is often considered to be the best style of leadership because followers reach their full potential as they’re now working on something that is equally important to them.


    Thus, it can be established that there are eight major leadership theories and transformation theory is considered the most effective.

  • The Best Online Therapy Programs For 2021

    Due to the pandemic, people are forced to stay indoors and limit their social engagements. This has given rise to many problems like anxiety, depression, work-related stress and financial troubles etc. These factors are huge contributors to poor mental health.

    As a result, people have become dependent on therapy and counseling. However, the problem is that there’s already a taboo attached to therapy and now because of COVID-19, psychologists are offering online sessions which has imbued more distrust with the profession.

    But if you can take assignment writing services online, why can’t you take therapy to fix actual problems? Therapy is the need of the hour as people are afraid and anxious about the uncertain. Nobody is ever prepared to deal with a pandemic.  Hence, by acquiring a couple of sessions online, you can learn and adopt certain tools and skills that might help you during a bad episode.

    It makes sense if the thought of being vulnerable to a screen makes you uncomfortable, but think of it this way: Behind the laptop screen is a person just like you who is ready to offer assistance. And when you’re drowning, you take the first lifeboat that offers aid.

    Below a list of the best online therapy programs for you. It comprises therapists who’re decent and LGBTQ+ friendly. Hence, don’t worry and simply follow the instructions to get rid of anxiety!


    Michael Phelps is actually a spokesperson for this app and has certified that Talkspace has provided assistance to over one million people. He has talked about the impact of this app on his life and how it has made him stronger, mentally and emotionally. It is a fairly easy app to use: Sign up and you’ll be connected to the most apt therapist – someone who can help you with your needs.

    You can work with the same therapist throughout the course of treatment, and if you don’t find it effective, you’ll always have the option of changing the therapist. You can communicate with the help of text, audio notes or video messaging. This app is quite easy to navigate and you get regular feedback from the therapist so that you know where you stand as far as progress is concerned.

    However, there are some cons to this app as well. For example, the therapists aren’t always available to offer live appointments. Furthermore, the process of getting you connected to a qualified therapist might take days. And another thing that could be problematic is that this app doesn’t provide free trials. So, you can truly test and see whether or not the app is right for you.


    Whether you need help from a professional therapist or a social worker or simply an educational psychologist, this app is perfect for you. You can sign up on this app using any name that you like – this makes it easier as not many people are comfortable revealing their identity.

    Hence, whether you’ve experienced a life altering transition or you need career advice, sign up on this app now! What makes BetterHelp superior is the fact that some therapists encourage clients to take live sessions. They provide worksheets, homework, and proper feedback to the clients. The process is explained in simple words so that anyone can feel comfortable and comprehend the process easily. Contact with the customer care is possible in case of any queries.

    However, like every coin, the flipside to this app is that many clients feel the responses are generic and not personalized enough. Furthermore, people often find the homework to be exhausting and ineffective. Also, when you sign up, you’ll be asked to fill a questionnaire describing the problem. On the basis of those answers, you’ll be connected to a therapist. This can often be an uncomfortable process and you may not always like the therapist in contact.


    This app is perfect for couple who might be having a rough time during this pandemic. It’s possible that you might be spending a lot of time together for the first time in years and you don’t really like the person anymore as the dynamics have shifted. These are minor roadblocks that can be fixed by taking couple’s therapy. You can sign up on this app and take consultation for various problems like infidelity and communication errors. This platform is quite flexible for these times and especially if you’re not living under the same roof. Both of you join the session together while being geographically separated.

    You won’t be charged additional fees for treating two individuals as you’ll be treated as one couple. Furthermore, the app is quite easy to use so if you’re not efficient with technology, no worries! The hired therapists are well-versed with couple’s issues and know exactly what needs to be done. However, you’ll be connected without any human connect and through an automated process. This can make things a bit superficial. In addition to this, there’s no free trail offered to test whether or not this app is for you.

    Teen Counseling

    The transition from a kid to teenager and from adolescents to adulthood is very complicated. These times are critical where you make the most and live your life uninhibitedly. Family pressure, work stress, academic distress, relationship issues, and identity problems are some of the most obvious stressors that might require attention from a professional. Hence, by seeking help from this app, you can make your own life easier and productive.

    Teen Counseling is perfect if you want to find a quick solution for an emotional problem or need career advice that sticks. Furthermore, there are plenty of options to get connected to the most qualified therapist. There are live sessions, you can chat through messaging and even leave voice notes. Although the actual price depends on the treatment plan, but usually it is considered cost effective and feasible.


    Thus, it can be established that online therapy is actually an effective way to deal with mental health issues, and during a pandemic, it’s probably the best solution from the limited choices available.